LIVIN’ THE LIFE | Flexible Business Model Offers Chance To Pursue A Hobby in Travel

Name: Dave Pearson

Launched His Dentist’s Choice Franchise:
April 1997

Service Area: Southern and Central Idaho

Tired of the long workdays and arduous hours as a mechanical engineer, Dave Pearson began seeking out opportunities to own his own business. Not only would this provide him the flexibility he desired, but after 30 years in engineering, he was ready for a change. He researched several different franchise concepts and decided The Dentist’s Choice provided him the perfect opportunity. The franchise concept appealed to him, since he found the industry interesting, the business was a relatively low investment and he would be able to work from home.  Read More >>

MY BEST CLIENT EXPERIENCE | Franchisee Finds Ways to Give Back to the Community with The Dentist’s Choice

Name: Tony Davis

Launched His Dentist’s Choice Franchise: March 2000

Service Area: Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky

Tony Davis worked at a steel company for five years before becoming a Dentist’s Choice franchisee. He wanted to continue doing valuable, hands-on work while enjoying the autonomy of being his own boss. After researching different franchise opportunities, Tony decided The Dentist’s Choice was the perfect fit.  Read More >>

MY BEST CLIENT EXPERIENCE | Long Time Franchisee Goes Back to Basics to Gain New Customers

Name: Scott MarxScott Marx

Dentist’s Choice Franchisee Since: 1996

Service Area: Greater Detroit Area

Scott Marx has been a part of The Dentist’s Choice for over 20 years. Originally, his father sold the family business when Scott began college and began researching franchising. By the time Scott graduated and had spent some time in corporate America his father was ready to launch his Dentist’s Choice franchise. After some consideration Scott agreed to move home to be part of the new business. Over the years their franchise has expanded to two and a half territories. What was once a small and simple operation has grown to a business with a large office space and about five employees and technicians.  Read More >>

LIVIN’ THE LIFE PROFILE | Work-Life Balance is Easily Achieved with The Dentist’s Choice

Name: Teri & Ron Bogden

Franchisee Since: 2002 

Service Area: Utah

Teri and Ron Bogden purchased an existing Dentist’s Choice franchise in 2002 to gain a new, steady income stream that would also allow the flexibility to maintain their full-time jobs in dentistry and mining. As their priorities changed, so did the hours they put into their Dentist’s Choice franchise.   Read More >>

The Dentist’s Choice Targets California at The Franchise Expo West in Los Angeles

Nationwide Franchise of Handpiece Repair Specialists to Meet with Entrepreneurs During Three-Day Expo

 LOS ANGELES, Calif. (Nov 2017)The Dentist’s Choice, a nationwide network of community-focused handpiece repair experts, will meet with entrepreneurs interested in becoming small-business owners at the Franchise West Expo, Nov 2-4, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, Calif. Executives from the company will be set up at booth #600.


SUCCESS PROFILE | Developing Relationships Is the Key to Success

Name: Don Billings

Franchisee Since: 1999

Service Area: San Francisco Bay Area

Don spent 25 years in warehousing, which included taking receipt of products, shipping and management. But the hours were long – a typical week for Don was 3 p.m. to 8 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. The hours made raising a family challenging, so he began looking at getting into another line of work. He learned about The Dentist’s Choice while reading Entrepreneur magazine, and called Steve Everhart, president of the company.


SUCCESS PROFILE | The Dentist’s Choice: An Ideal Family Business

Name: Teri & Ron Bogden

Franchisee Since: 2002

Service Area: Utah

With nearly three decades in dentistry, Teri Bogden saw first-hand how the laws surrounding sterilization changed how dental practices operated in the 1980s. “Handpieces used to last forever, but we started sterilizing them several times a day and quickly saw them deteriorating faster,” she said. “We were constantly ordering new turbines and repairing them ourselves, or buying new handpieces altogether.”


The Dentist’s Choice Renews Franchise Expansion Efforts to Ease Pain Felt by Dentists Nationwide

Demand for Quicker, Cost-Effective Handpiece Repairs is Driving Growth of the Brand

IRVINE, Calif. (July 15, 2017)The Dentist’s Choice, a nationwide network of community-focused handpiece repair experts, is expanding through franchising to meet the high demand for restored handheld tools dentists use every day. The Dentist’s Choice is seeking franchise partners throughout the United States to serve large territories consisting of at least 800 dental offices.


The Dentist’s Choice is Repairing More Dental Handpieces as Demand Rises

Company President Steve Everhart Leads the Quicker, Cost-Effective Alternative for Repairs

IRVINE, Calif. (July 14, 2017)The Dentist’s Choice, a nationwide network of local handpiece repair experts, is meeting the growing demand for restored handheld tools every dentist uses, including drills, scalers and more. The increasing number of dentists coupled with the federal government’s requirement to sterilize handpieces after each use, which causes them to quickly deteriorate, means more of these handheld tools need to be fixed.