SUCCESS PROFILE | The Dentist’s Choice Gave This Franchisee the Flexibility to Pursues His Passions

Name: Monte Bruner

Franchisee Since: March 2011

Service Area: North Metro Atlanta

In his mid-50s, Monte Bruner found himself jobless when his employer went out of business in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. A surveyor and civil engineer by trade, Bruner knew it would be challenging to find another job and began exploring options. He worked with a franchise broker to narrow down a list of hundreds of franchise opportunities to a few service-oriented businesses. One was The Dentist’s Choice.

Bruner was drawn to The Dentist’s Choice franchisee opportunity because it didn’t require him to upsell. If a handpiece is broken, it needs to be repaired or replaced. It’s that simple. He launched his Dentist’s Choice franchise in March 2011 and never looked back. His business has grown steadily year after year, consistently adding new customers.


DC: What do you like best about being a franchisee of The Dentist’s Choice?

MONTE: The freedom you have with your schedule. If I wanted to take a few hours one day to help out at my church, I can go do that. If I was working a 9 to 5 job, I couldn’t do that unless I took a vacation day. Also, my family lives pretty far away. With The Dentist’s Choice, I can easily take a long weekend to visit them. This past Labor Day, I went to South Georgia to visit my three great nephews. They’re 3, 7 and 11 years old.

DC: What is a typical day like for you?

MONTE: I wake up pretty early and start working around 8 a.m. I work with a courier to pick up and deliver orders, so I start my day getting everything ready to go out. I’m out marketing, delivering or picking up orders from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and home by 3 p.m. to start repairing. I live in the middle of Atlanta, so having flexible hours is helpful.

DC: What passions have you been able to pursue as a Dentist’s Choice franchise owner?

MONTE: I’ve been able to volunteer more at my church, and help others in times of need. I attended a church retreat several years ago and now enjoy serving on their team so others can have the opportunity to attend a weekend retreat as well. Serving on the retreat’s team is pretty time intensive with several team meetings and the retreat starting on a Thursday and ending Sunday night. If I didn’t work for myself, it would’ve been challenging to do this.

DC: If you could change anything since becoming a franchise owner, what would you do differently?

MONTE: I wouldn’t have gotten so tied up in picking up and delivering every device. Use a courier service or mail to do that. I happened to find a courier that specializes in dental, and it has made my one-man business much more efficient. Having a courier service has allowed me to spend more of my time marketing and visiting clients. I make sure I see each client at least once every three months.


Founded in 1993, The Dentist’s Choice is a nationwide network of community-focused dental handpiece repair experts, providing quick and cost effective repair services on handheld tools used by every dentist. Local franchise owners pick up handpieces from dentists’ offices in their markets, repair them in their lab and typically return them within a week. Focusing solely on handpieces, The Dentist’s Choice concentrates on high speed, slow speed and electric handpiece repairs, sonic scaler and attachment overhauls, and fiber optic replacement services. For more information, visit For franchise information, call 800-757-1333 or visit