SUCCESS PROFILE | The Dentist’s Choice: An Ideal Family Business

Name: Teri & Ron Bogden

Franchisee Since: 2002

Service Area: Utah

With nearly three decades in dentistry, Teri Bogden saw first-hand how the laws surrounding sterilization changed how dental practices operated in the 1980s. “Handpieces used to last forever, but we started sterilizing them several times a day and quickly saw them deteriorating faster,” she said. “We were constantly ordering new turbines and repairing them ourselves, or buying new handpieces altogether.”

Throughout her dental career, Teri has filled many roles including dental assistant, front desk/reception and office manager. With the hands-on knowledge of dental handpieces, making the decision to own a Dentist’s Choice franchise was a no brainer for her and her husband Ron when the former local Dentist’s Choice owner decided to sell his franchise. Operating a Dentist’s Choice franchise offered stability and flexibility when the family needed it most. For example, for several years the Bogdens operated their franchise part-time, while keeping their full-time jobs. Teri eventually worked on Dentist’s Choice full-time after their fourth child was born. Several years later Ron left his mining career to pursue The Dentist’s Choice full-time. Their Dentist’s Choice business has continuously grown year after year, and now their son, Greyson, is also part of the family business.


DC: How do you balance roles or responsibilities between you and your husband?

TERI: Prior to Ron joining full-time, I used to handle everything, including some of the more simple repairs and Ron would repair the rest of the handpieces after work or on the weekends. Now, he is responsible for all of the handpiece repairs and I’m kind of the glue that holds everything together. I head up our sales as well as all of the office work, including payroll, ordering parts and invoicing. Our son also recently began working with us and does all of our pickup and deliveries. He is also learning to repair handpieces under his dad’s watchful eye. If you can operate the business with a spouse, sibling or son/daughter, then it’s a lot more flexible.

DC: What advice do you have for individuals looking to join a franchise?

TERI: Do your homework and invest yourself in the necessary training so that you truly know your product. Knowing what sets your product apart from competitors will lead to a higher closing rate. Also, don’t give up! Make a plan of action and keep after it. Keep putting yourself out there until the staffs at the dental practices become familiar with you and you begin building trust. Remember, they have a need for your services, they just don’t know they need you to provide it for them yet.

DC: What do you like best about being a franchisee of The Dentist’s Choice?

TERI: You can create your income to be what you want it to be, depending on how hard you want to work. You can work your butt off and bring in as much income as you want. Or, if you’re happy where you’re at and don’t want to work any harder, you can enjoy life at that level. Each doctor is worth about on average $1,000 a year in revenue, others will spend thousands a year. You just need to keep this in mind as you’re building or sustaining your business. Basically, if you want more, go get it!

 Also, the corporate team is amazing! Franchisees are not just a number to them. They personally know each and every one of us. Plus, their support isn’t just limited to handpiece repair questions, but also billing, marketing, etc. You can literally call them 15 times a day and they will still walk you through the process with patience.


Founded in 1993, The Dentist’s Choice is a nationwide network of community-focused dental handpiece repair experts, providing quick and cost effective repair services on handheld tools used by every dentist. Local franchise owners pick up handpieces from dentists’ offices in their markets, repair them in their lab and typically return them within a week. Focusing solely on handpieces, The Dentist’s Choice concentrates on high speed, slow speed and electric handpiece repairs, sonic scaler and attachment overhauls, and fiber optic replacement services. For more information, visit For franchise information, call 800-757-1333 or visit