SUCCESS PROFILE | Persistence Pays Off for this Southwest Florida Franchisee

Name: John Grodzki

Franchisee Since: October 2011

Service Area: Florida Southwest

Prior to becoming a franchisee of The Dentist’s Choice, John Grodzki had worked in the biomedical engineering industry for ten years before he and his family moved to Southwest Florida. Once there, John was investing in real estate and earning his living through his rental properties. Like many American’s, when the market crashed in 2008, John found that his real estate holdings were simply not paying the bills. As he waited for the market to turn around, he needed a way to generate income and began looking into franchise opportunities.

With his background in medical repair, he was instantly drawn to The Dentist’s Choice and discovered that a local franchisee was interested in retiring. The timing was right, the price was reasonable, and the business already had an existing client base. Plus, Grodzki knew that after only a couple weeks training, he would be ready to set off on his own. He took over the franchise in October 2011 and never looked back.


DC: How has your Dentist’s Choice franchise grown since you took it over?

GRODZKI: The former owner had the business for 20 years, as a part-time opportunity to create extra income before he retired. When I purchased the business from him, he had about 30 customers. Today, I have over 150 regular customers. Customer acquisition and retention are at the heart of everything I do. I set annual growth goals and through The Dentist’s Choice family I am able to learn about and employ tried and tested marketing strategies.

DC: What advice do you have for new franchisees?

GRODZKI: Persistence pays off. Initially, some of the practices brushed me off, but now they are my regular customers. When I first started I began by creating and following a strict route, stopping at several practices along the way to see if they needed any handpieces serviced. I don’t view it as a sales call, I view it as a service call. If you have a problem, I can help. If you are consistent and simply keep showing up, one day you come in to see if they need any handpieces repaired, and they’re actually in a bind – you become their hero. It’s a great feeling.  Five years later, I still use the same method; my routes have just gotten larger. The dentists and their staff know I’m not looking to sell anything. The fact of the matter is dentists cannot do their job without functioning handpieces and my role is to make sure that they have the tools they need. I view my role as an integral part of the dental practice, no matter whose office I am at; because of that the doctors and I have a very strong business relationship. Diligently following your route, developing strong relationship with the doctors and their staff will lead to new customers – you just have to stick with it regularly.

 DC: If you could change anything since becoming a franchise owner, what would you do differently?

GRODZKI: I am a Mr. Fix-It by nature, and I tend to apply that approach to any obstacle I am trying to resolve. Obviously, this skill serves me well when it comes to fixing handpieces, but the reality is it wastes time and money when you apply this philosophy to the business administration part of the job. Initially, I was creating my own marketing programs, developing my own customer sales strategies, and handling all of the back office duties. After my first trip to The Dentist’s Choice convention I learned that there was a whole network of other franchisees who had already figured out the nuts and bolts of the administrative side of the business. Had I employed some of their best practices early on I would have saved myself a lot of headaches.


Founded in 1993, The Dentist’s Choice is a nationwide network of community-focused dental handpiece repair experts, providing quick and cost effective repair services on handheld tools used by every dentist. Local franchise owners pick up handpieces from dentists’ offices in their markets, repair them in their lab and typically return them within a week. Focusing solely on handpieces, The Dentist’s Choice concentrates on high speed, slow speed and electric handpiece repairs, sonic scaler and attachment overhauls, and fiber optic replacement services. For more information, visit For franchise information, call 800-757-1333 or visit