LIVIN’ THE LIFE PROFILE – Moving Cross-Country and Exploring the World

Name: Mike and Charlotte Young

Launched Their Dentist’s Choice Franchise: September 1999

Service Area: Alabama and Georgia (all territories)

In pursuit of a lifestyle change, Mike and Charlotte Young opened up their first Dentist’s Choice franchise in 1999. They wanted a steady stream of income while owning their own business and working together. They expanded their Dentist’s Choice locations across two states, but still had free time to travel because of their flexible schedules. They have spent time traveling and with their family.


DC: How has your lifestyle changed since owning a Dentist’s Choice franchise?

 CHARLOTTE: Mike and I decided to open up our Dentist’s Choice franchise because we were looking for a lifestyle change. We were tiring of working for other people and what they had built. We wanted to build something for ourselves, and work for it, which is initially what made us decide to go into business together. We have had more flexibility in terms of scheduling and higher income. We bought a house that we love and have been able to enjoy time with family. We also really enjoy what we’re doing.

 DC: Are you able to spend more time with family now versus what you were doing before for work?

 CHARLOTTE: Part of the reason my husband and I wanted to open our own business was so we could spend more time together. We have a lot of flexibility with hours, but in the beginning we were putting in about 10-plus hours a day. Building a business requires a significant time investment, so we were grateful we got to spend that time together. My son also joined our team and worked in marketing and community outreach. Some people may be hesitant to work with family, but it really allows you to spend so much more time with them. And now, we also spend a lot of time together outside of work. We love seeing our children and grandchildren whenever we can, and it’s much easier to do when you’re working for yourself and don’t have to report to anyone.

 DC: What hobbies/passions has the flexible scheduling of owning a Dentist’s Choice franchise allowed you to pursue?

 CHARLOTTE: With the flexible scheduling and higher income, Mike and I have been able to travel more. Since we moved to Alabama we have traveled the whole East Coast, from Florida to Boston. Being our own boss has allowed us to work the hours we want and travel in between. We just went to Paris for our 40th wedding anniversary, and we are looking forward to traveling more in the future.


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