The Dentist’s Choice Targets California at The Franchise Expo West in Los Angeles

Nationwide Franchise of Handpiece Repair Specialists to Meet with Entrepreneurs During Three-Day Expo

 LOS ANGELES, Calif. (Nov 2017)The Dentist’s Choice, a nationwide network of community-focused handpiece repair experts, will meet with entrepreneurs interested in becoming small-business owners at the Franchise West Expo, Nov 2-4, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, Calif. Executives from the company will be set up at booth #600.


SUCCESS PROFILE | Developing Relationships Is the Key to Success

Name: Don Billings

Franchisee Since: 1999

Service Area: San Francisco Bay Area

Don spent 25 years in warehousing, which included taking receipt of products, shipping and management. But the hours were long – a typical week for Don was 3 p.m. to 8 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. The hours made raising a family challenging, so he began looking at getting into another line of work. He learned about The Dentist’s Choice while reading Entrepreneur magazine, and called Steve Everhart, president of the company.


SUCCESS PROFILE | The Dentist’s Choice: An Ideal Family Business

Name: Teri & Ron Bogden

Franchisee Since: 2002

Service Area: Utah

With nearly three decades in dentistry, Teri Bogden saw first-hand how the laws surrounding sterilization changed how dental practices operated in the 1980s. “Handpieces used to last forever, but we started sterilizing them several times a day and quickly saw them deteriorating faster,” she said. “We were constantly ordering new turbines and repairing them ourselves, or buying new handpieces altogether.”


SUCCESS PROFILE | Steady Flow of Business Keeps This Franchisee Couple Motivated

Name: Patty and Cory Fisher

Franchisee Since: 2006

Service Area: Half of Colorado

With a desire to spend more time with family and to gain more control over their destiny, Patty Fisher and her husband Cory set out to own a business. Patty sold insurance and maintained regular business hours, but Cory was working 12-hour shifts as a tool and die maker. They discovered an opportunity to become small-business owners when they learned a Dentist’s Choice was for sale about 35 miles from their home on Golden, Colorado.


SUCCESS PROFILE | The Dentist’s Choice Gave This Franchisee the Flexibility to Pursues His Passions

Name: Monte Bruner

Franchisee Since: March 2011

Service Area: North Metro Atlanta

In his mid-50s, Monte Bruner found himself jobless when his employer went out of business in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. A surveyor and civil engineer by trade, Bruner knew it would be challenging to find another job and began exploring options. He worked with a franchise broker to narrow down a list of hundreds of franchise opportunities to a few service-oriented businesses. One was The Dentist’s Choice.


MY BEST CLIENT EXPERIENCE | Being a Small Business Owner Allows Franchisee to Help Others

Name: Teri & Ron Bogden

Franchisee Since: 2002

Service Area: Utah

Teri and Ron Bogden purchased an existing Dentist’s Choice franchise in 2002 to gain a new, steady income stream that would also allow them the flexibility to maintain their full-time jobs. For several years, the Bogdens operated their franchise part-time, while working full-time in dentistry and mining. Teri eventually worked on Dentist’s Choice full-time after their fourth child was born, while Ron kept his full-time job in mining for several years. Their Dentist’s Choice business has continuously grown year after year, and now their son, Greyson, is also part of the family business.


SUCCESS PROFILE | Husband and Wife Team Find Their Passion Working Together

Name: Charlotte and Mike Young

Launched Their Dentist’s Choice Franchise: September 1999

Service Area: Alabama and Georgia (all territories)

Before becoming franchisees for The Dentist’s Choice, Mike worked for a trucking company and Charlotte worked in catering in California. But after many years, they decided it was time to make a lifestyle change. The Youngs wanted to build their own business and work for themselves. They researched different franchise opportunities and found The Dentist’s Choice to be a good fit.


SUCCESS PROFILE | Reaching New Heights with The Dentist’s Choice

Name: Harvey Fox

Launched His Dentist’s Choice Franchise: March 2010

Service Area: South Central Pennsylvania

Harvey Fox was a corporate pilot before he decided to open up his own business. He had no previous experience in the dental industry, but was always mechanically-inclined. The Dentist’s Choice was a good fit. He enjoys the hands-on work necessary to repair handpieces and the flexible schedule provided by owning his own business.


SUCCESS PROFILE | Persistence Pays Off for this Southwest Florida Franchisee

Name: John Grodzki

Franchisee Since: October 2011

Service Area: Florida Southwest

Prior to becoming a franchisee of The Dentist’s Choice, John Grodzki had worked in the biomedical engineering industry for ten years before he and his family moved to Southwest Florida. Once there, John was investing in real estate and earning his living through his rental properties. Like many American’s, when the market crashed in 2008, John found that his real estate holdings were simply not paying the bills. As he waited for the market to turn around, he needed a way to generate income and began looking into franchise opportunities.


MY BEST CLIENT EXPERIENCE | Provide Good Service, Get Return Customers

Name: Bo Smith

Launched Their Dentist’s Choice Franchise: August 2011

Service Area: Fort Worth, TX

Bo Smith worked for AT&T doing repairs and installations, but the corporate environment was changing. It was no longer providing him the balance he once enjoyed. Bo was good at repairs, but always also loved working with customers. He decided to leave his job and began searching for new business ventures. The Dentist’s Choice provided Bo the best of both worlds, allowing him to continue using his repair skills while also getting facetime with his customers. He has owned and operated his franchise for six and a half years and hasn’t looked back.