SUCCESS PROFILE | Steady Flow of Business Keeps This Franchisee Couple Motivated

Name: Patty and Cory Fisher

Franchisee Since: 2006

Service Area: Half of Colorado

With a desire to spend more time with family and to gain more control over their destiny, Patty Fisher and her husband Cory set out to own a business. Patty sold insurance and maintained regular business hours, but Cory was working 12-hour shifts as a tool and die maker. They discovered an opportunity to become small-business owners when they learned a Dentist’s Choice was for sale about 35 miles from their home on Golden, Colorado.

Patty had a sales and marketing background thanks to her time in the insurance industry and Cory was good with his hands, having worked as a machinist and an auto mechanic. Plus, he loved tinkering. The couple did their due diligence, speaking with other franchise owners and the Dentist’s Choice owner selling his franchise in Colorado. The simplicity of the concept appealed to both Patty and Cory. They bought the franchise in 2006 and started with 30 customers covering half of Colorado. Today, Patty and Cory are fixing handpieces for 300 clients.

DC: How do you stay motivated?

PATTY: The flow of business keeps us motivated! We have to pay our bills, of course, so we like to keep the handpieces coming in. When we need a little extra help, our son, Brandon, comes in and helps once in a while. He’s a pilot, so we have to catch him when he’s around.

DC: What’s a typical day like?

PATTY: We work 8 to 5 most days. Some days we work longer and some days we work shorter. We receive most of our pieces through the mail because our territory is so large. Some days we’ll get 20 boxes and other days we’ll get fewer. However, we will do pickups and returns in person within 10 miles of where we live. Cory works in the shop repairing handpieces. Most of the time I work in my office or I’m out picking up handpieces or marketing. It works well for us.

DC: What’s your favorite thing about being a Dentist’s Choice franchisee?

PATTY: We get to work from our home, on our terms and when we want. But, of course, we have to answer phones and get things done. We’re cognizant of that and we do good job of creating structure for our days. But, we can work in our pajamas if we wanted to. We can also watch our grandkids while we work. There’s a lot of freedom.

DC: What advice do you have for individuals who want to own their own franchise?

PATTY: Make sure the concept fits you and research whether it’s something you can really do. While someone may be good at marketing, will they be good at tinkering and fixing things? If not, it’s good to have another person who enjoys tinkering.


Founded in 1993, The Dentist’s Choice is a nationwide network of community-focused dental handpiece repair experts, providing quick and cost effective repair services on handheld tools used by every dentist. Local franchise owners pick up handpieces from dentists’ offices in their markets, repair them in their lab and typically return them within a week. Focusing solely on handpieces, The Dentist’s Choice concentrates on high speed, slow speed and electric handpiece repairs, sonic scaler and attachment overhauls, and fiber optic replacement services. For more information, visit For franchise information, call 800-757-1333 or visit